Pier32 is CO2 Neutral

Childreach International has certified Pier32 Limited as a CO2 neutral company, something we have achieved via their excellent and innovative path to carbon neutrality.


CO2 Neutral

Pier32 Carbon Neutrality.
We mitigated our own operational emissions by sponsoring a family to receive access to renewable energy solutions. The family energy project provides East African families with access to four groundbreaking renewable energy technologies - solar stove, renewable-biomass cooker, solar lighting system and water purification system. Together, this renewable energy package removes all need to burn firewood or fossil fuels for energy. The stove uses only solar energy, is made from entirely recycled materials and cooks traditional East African cuisine in the same time as other methods. The stove was commended as the best innovation in the fight against climate change by the Financial Times.

As a whole, the project replaces fossil fuels used for cooking, lighting and treating water with clean technology. The use of firewood across East Africa has serious consequences both socially and environmentally - children frequently miss school as they collect firewood whilst women and children suffer from life-threatening diseases as a result of smoke inhalation. Some families spend up to 75% of their income on fuel yet at the same time increase carbon emissions and cut down diminishing forests.

Pier32 Certification.
An image of our certificate is shown below.

CO2 Certificate

About Childreach International.
Childreach International is an international children's charity pioneering a groundbreaking model that empowers businesses and children in the developing world in the fight against climate change. Childreach International engages businesses in projects overseas that not only help fight climate change, but improve the lives of children worldwide. One of the ways they do this is by helping businesses like us to manage and offset our carbon dioxide emissions by supporting their innovative projects that change the lives of children worldwide whilst being verified emissions reductions projects. More information can be found at the Childreach International Climate Change website.

Emissions Reduction.
Mitigation and offsetting are only part of the fight against climate change. Reduction is a key part of our own carbon management and offsetting is definitely not used to justify or encourage any additional use of fossil fuels, directly or otherwise.

About Pier32

We print and embroider promotional clothing. Our garments are ethically produced and include WRAP certified, fairtrade, organic and bamboo ranges. We offer t-shirts, polos, hoodies, fleeces, baseball caps, sportswear, schoolwear, jackets, bags, towels, umbrellas, scarves and much more. Whether it's for a fundraising event, a product launch, a new uniform or for retail - we are your ethical choice.

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